Mr Mohamed Shamim Called 1975  BA, LLB
Crime, Immigration, Commercial, Banking & Personal Injury, Landlord & Tenant. Direct Public Access.
Mr Errol Reid Called 1978  LLM
Crime, Housing Housing Family & Prison Law.
Mrs Beebee N. Hamid Called 1980 BA (Hons)
Crime, Employment, Family, Housing, Immigration, Licensing & Mental Health.
 Mrs Gudrun Fama   Called 1991
Crime, Family, Housing, Immigration, General Civil.
Mr Mohammed Rana Called 1995 BSC (Hons) (Sussex) LLB. (Hons) (Buchingham Crime, Immigration, Landlord & Tenant, Family, Small Claims, Employment, Licensing & Judicial Review. Direct Public Access.
Miss Lydia Marshall-Bain Called 1998 LLB (Hons)
Employment, Crime, Housing, Family & Immigration. Direct Public Access.
Mrs Michele Robinson Called 2000 LLB (Hons)
Crime, Mental Health, Family Housing & Employment.
Mr Sharaz Ahmed (Door Tenant) Called 2000
Crime, Immigration, Housing, Family & Judicial Review. Direct Public Access.
Miss Angela Louis Called 2002 LLB (Hons)
Crime, Family, Housing & Immigration.
Miss Kofo Anifowoshe Called 2005 LLB, ELS (Hons)
Crime, Immigration, Family, Housing, Employment, General Civil Direct Access.
Mr Kwabena Asare (Door Tenant) Called 2006 LLM, BSC (Hons)
Maritime Law and General Civil
Mr Devendra Shrestha Called 2014
Immigration, Crime & Housing.